Capoeira is an intriguing art, although practiced only by the energetic. It very well represents Brazilian culture in how it’s so lively yet relaxed, and powerful yet fun.

Capoeira can be traced back to the African tribal dances and evolved as Africans were taken to Brazil by the Portuguese colonists as slaves. It evolved into a sophisticated martial art – balanced and diverse yet practical – if you’re full of energy – and it remained disguised under its ancestor dance routine in order for slaves to continue practicing it without being stopped.

Brazilians are known for their great physical attributes – they’ve won the football world cup so many more times than any other country. Their intricately powerful, calm yet fun sporting attitude is expressed comprehensively within their native martial art and dance – Capoeira.

Performed in circular gatherings – small crowds – in 1-on-1s, to music, Capoeira is truly unique in its cultural richness, so different to Oriental martial arts. Where as the Oriental arts can be harmonious, and powerful, they’re rarely both at the same time, and they’re never performed in informal crowd-like gatherings to up-beat, passionate yet fun song & percussion. This is a real African tribal influence – a far cry from anything coming from the Far East or the West. It’s nothing like the hyper-regimented Karate schools of Japan, the closed-door rooftop-squabble-style Kung Fu tuition of China, and the businessman-driven quasi martial sports clubs of the capitalist states.