Tai Ji Quan

As the softest of the soft styles, Tai Chi is nice and calm. When done right, it’s deeply powerful – it’s as strong as a martial art can be.

But on the down side, it’s way too often taught in an airy-fairy manner by a teacher who doesn’t really know his stuff. Well, he may be full of knowledge, but he’s rarely a true master of his art. Excessive fronting and faking.

Tai Ji Tui Shou

So, you’ve seen Keanu Reeves in the 2013 blockbuster movie Man Of Tai Chi, but your local tai chi club looks more like the local bingo club. Have no fear! Let me introduce you to tai chi that really works.

Manchester Martial Arts Centre runs a range of tai chi classes to suit beginners and improvers alike. So, if you’re new to tai chi and are curious to know what it’s all about, come along to our taster sessions, see some real tai chi in action and have a go at it.

If you’re an advanced tai chi practitioner, we have classes for you too. For those who already have experience in tai chi and would like to refine their skills under the supervision and mentoring of true tai chi experts, our advanced tai chi classes are ideal.

So, whatever your level, come along to our mainstream tai chi classes based in Manchester City Centre.

Tai Ji 2

Even if you’re a tai chi master, if you’re looking to practice with likeminded peers, perhaps interested in helping to teach or seeking to develop even more, you’ve found the right place.

Even if you’re the head of your own association of tai chi clubs around the world, Manchester Martial Arts Centre┬áprovides expert coaching to the highest level in the classic, simplified Yang-style 24-form sequence, plus a comprehensive pushing hands syllabus relating to meditative exercises as well as hand-to-hand combat.

Manchester Martial Arts Centre provides authentic tai chi tuition based on classic Chinese kung fu princples that work gracefully and efficiently with precision and maximum comfortability in combat scenarios and meditative timeouts too.

Tai Ji 1

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