At Manchester Martial Arts Centre, we don’t have Instructors. We have coaches, because we’re not here to boss you around, we’re just here to help.

Invariably described as masters and grandmasters within the wider martial arts community; when they’re at Manchester Martial Arts Centre, they’re simply your assistants.

We don’t have professors, because we don’t preach – our teachers only teach in a practical way. Our coaches are here to help you get whatever you want from martial arts while practicing with others in a supportive community, not a dictatorship. Our coaches are committed to helping you practice efficient martial art according to your own beliefs and preferences. We don’t believe that army regimes are for local, leisurely clubs like ours. Our self-disciplined coaches are friendly and welcoming to all.

So, if you’d like to turn up and practice your martial art within a collaborative environment, with likeminded peers – a variety of beginners and experts all in the same boat – you’re more than welcome to, and in case you have any questions for our qualified coaches – approved to the elusive club founder’s standards, we’re always around.

Our teachers have a wealth of rare experience and exceptional talent enabling them to coach you as far down the path of a martial artist as you’d like to go. Neither pushy nor fantasists, our teachers present a frank account of real martial art and are capable of coaching experts and beginners alike.