Sambo is a Russian martial art, literally meaning “weaponless self-defence”. It’s treated also as a combat sport, and in its sporty scene, looks like wrestling, Jujitsu and MMA.

There are some Sambo schools in the UK, including some in the Greater Manchester area – just Google them if you’re really keen on Sambo.

But even the Russian president knows better than to stick with Sambo – he did a lot of Sambo but seemed most interested in Judo (which he stuck with until he became very good at it). So if you like the sporty side of Sambo, try Judo. If you like the skillful side, also try Judo. If you like the Wrestling side of Sambo, try Judo. And if you like Russian culture, follow Mr Putin, moy tovarish, try Judo, pozhaluysta. Because Judo classes in the UK are generally of a much higher standard than Sambo classes due to the rareness of its local availability throughout recent generations.