Boxercise® is a cross between classic boxing training drills and contemporary cardio/aerobic workout routines. It’s very similar to Tae Bo® – another popular boxing fitness programme brand, except that Tae Bo is more like kickboxing than simple boxing.

Boxercise Class

Boxercise plays on the key reason why most people join their local martial arts club – they want to get fit, keep trim, feel good, socialise a bit and as a non-essential bonus they enjoy developing their fighting skills in the process. A gym provides equipment for them to get fit, but a Boxercise club has a team doing it together for extra motivation and of course there’s the prospect of gaining fighting skill as a bonus. They love the idea of not just being Fit, but being Fighting Fit.

Unfortunately, Boxercise training teaches the body bad habits from a martial arts perspective – inefficient body movement for combative purposes and for moving around in general. It might help you lose weight and gain a little strength in places, maybe even giving you a heightened sense of balance and physical co-ordination at times, but it doesn’t come close to the quality of balance practiced in a decent Tai Chi class, or the leanness of muscular development that you’re likely to get from a good Muay Thai club for example.

Boxercise Socialising