SEMINAR: Introduction to Martial Arts

A brief introduction to many of the main styles of martial art, including a look at some of their main techniques and training methods, a general summary of their core concepts and tactics, and their appropriateness (compared to other martial arts) for different kinds of situations (different types of fights and self-defence scenarios). Naturally everyone favours certain martial arts over others, but in this seminar we make a real attempt to judge each art objectively for its intrinsic pros and cons, with as much of an open mind as possible.

This seminar includes mini workshops where attendees are invited to try the moves being discussed. There will also be opportunities for Q&A throughout, and all attendees are invited to share their own thoughts and experiences.

This seminar also looks at the additional benefits of practising martial arts aside from pure combat / self-defence skill acquisition, and compares each type martial art for its ability to deliver such benefits in comparison also with other forms of exercise such as yoga, athletics, swimming, weightlifting, dance and meditation.

Join us on this epic, interactive, thought-provoking journey.

Date: TBA

  • Express interested in attending this seminar
  • Express interested in helping to run this seminar – talking, demonstrating, answering questions, etc – must have deep knowledge of at least one martial art, and basic knowledge of several others

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