WORKSHOP: Wing Chun fundamentals, from contrasting Tai Chi and JKD perspectives

Wing Chun is a massively popular art, so it should come as no surprise that there are significantly different approaches to interpreting its core principles. This workshop offers a chance to practise two contrasting approaches to Wing Chun – that of Tai Chi and that of JKD.

The Tai Chi approach focuses on maintaining a favourable range and delicate equilibrium of forces such that no abrupt impact is made. The JKD approach, by contrast, focuses on forcing the action like an aggressive, mobile kickboxer – assertively bridging the gap and attacking in a lively, dynamic manner at every opportunity.

One strategy insists on doing minimal damage to the opponent and striving for defensive perfection – not making a move that can be countered – only attacking in the form of a counter-attack that exploits the weakness in your opponent’s attack. The other strategy focuses on utilising the advantage of surprise – not only to never miss an opportunity but to force the action to create an opportunity at will – taking the initiative and hoping that an overwhelming level of speed and power wrapped up in a surprise manoeuvre will finish the fight in the quickest, easiest manner possible.

This workshop is split into two parts, giving you a chance to practise both approaches by doing drills which are commonly practised within Tai Chi and JKD classes.

Also featuring selected quotes from both the “Taijiquan Jing” and the “Tao of Jeet Kune Do”, courtesy of our host for this session who has been practising the arts of Wing Chun, Tai Chi and JKD together for some years and works hard to understand & share the original spirit & methods of each style.

Suitability: All levels. Beginners, improvers and experts are all welcome.

Date: TBA

  • Express interest in attending this workshop.
  • Express interest in helping to run this workshop – you must have a background in either Tai Chi (and be familiar with some traditional Tui Shou exercises) or JKD (familiar with some drills taught by Bruce Lee, not just concepts, and not just Arnis drills).

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