Top Prop for Screen Combat

The prop should absorb impact like a crash test dummy.
The prop should absorb impact like a crash test dummy.

I don’t know how much it would cost, or where it’s been done before, but in order to achieve the very best effects in on-screen combat, there should be a prop like this.

Maybe it’s only suitable for hollywood blockbuster budgets…

The prop is basically a crash test dummy, which can get beaten up just like a man can, but with a face that looks realistic. A crash dummy, dressed up like a man; with a latex mask to look like the actor, like something from Mission Impossible.

Integrating real moves, with realistic victims; rather than compromising real moves to avoid injuring the actors. The dummies can be cut in between moves with live people, but the impact of the heaviest moves can be filmed using a crash dummy victim.

If you’re working in the screen combat choreography & film production industry industry, you might want to look into getting one of these.┬áJust an idea, for giving screen fighting a bigger & more realistic impact.

Edit: How about a robot with all the physical characteristics of a crash test dummy, plus reflexes that mimic how a human would respond to having an arm pulled or to being struck in the body etc.