Spiritual Retreats

What to expect

  1. Natural environment – at least as close to it as you can expect to enjoy within a convenient distance from the city
  2. Holistic approach – to health, fitness, relaxation and wellness
  3. Relaxation
  4. Health & Wellness – immediately benefitting the health of your mind and body with the help of clean & nutritious air, water, fruit and tranquillity with ample relaxation and some gentle, holistic exercise. Regular attendance can also do wonders for your continued lifelong wellness – improving your health and confidence by cleaning, relaxing and dynamically exercising your mind and body for a happier, healthier living condition.
  5. Spiritual – a spiritually refreshing experience – soothing & invigorating your mind, body & spirit thanks to energising fresh air, clean food, spiritual exercises, and food for thought.
  6. Fitness & Weight-Loss – a great opportunity to lose weight and get fit by exercising plenty and eating clean, breathing fresh air and staying relaxed to give you the best chance to balance your inner demons and restore your natural, healthy shape. Diet includes plenty of fresh, juicy, organic fruit. Exercise options range from gentle tai chi and yoga, to much more demanding cardio kickboxing designed specifically to help you shape up.
  7. Detox – a great opportunity to detox, with the support of fresh air, clean glass-bottled mineral water and fresh, ripe organic juicy fruit – you can even detox from stress while you’re here, to remove its invisible grip on your mental & physical health.
  8. Quiet
  9. Meditation & Mindfulness
    • Guided, group-based sessions – some
    • Silent solo practice – as much as you like – we can’t guarantee complete silence at all times however we do ask everyone to respect each other’s personal space & tranquillity, so in case you find someone meditating by themselves, please don’t disturb them!
  10. Yoga – a little bit
  11. Emotional Healing – our simple, natural retreats may be the break you need from the hustle & bustle of modern, busy life – a great opportunity for you to relax, clear your mind and find resolution in your heart.
  12. Buddhist & Christian ideas – we’re not a religious retreat however the place is packed with inspiration from Buddhism, Christianity and other major religions.