Ninjutsu Clubs & Classes in Manchester

Ian Wilson (12th Dan)

Ian Wilson

Shadow Warrior Bujinkan Manchester
Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre
Unit 8, Red Bank Court
Red Bank
M4 4HF

Note that these guys have just recently moved to a better place – just across the road, under the tunnel and through the gates around the corner, in Millow Street (M4 4DR).

Thursdays: 8pm – 9:30pm (£7 per person)
Sundays: 3pm – 5pm (£8 per person)

All levels are welcome to all classes.

Getting there

You’ll find the Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre tucked neatly inside a railway arch (a business unit under the railway) beside the Red Bank road. These railway arch units are let by Spacia in partnership with National Rail, and are numbered from 8 to 24 as you head due North up the Red Bank road. Numbers 8 to 17 form Red Bank Court and units 18 to 24 form Red Bank Parade – look for number 8 in Red Bank Court where you’ll find the Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre and the Manchester branch of the “Shadow Warrior Bujinkan” Ninjutsu club. It’s only a few minutes’ walk due North East from Manchester Victoria train station (northernmost side of the city centre) which itself is an equal distance due North from the Manchester Arndale shopping centre. Quite convenient for anyone wanting to practice Ninjutsu in Manchester City Centre.


David Castan (5th Dan)

David Castan

Manchester Senki Dojo
Circle Martial Arts Centre
Second Floor
52 Newton Street
M1 1ED

Adults’ Classes

Monday: 7pm – 8pm (Bujinkan Self-Defence)
Wednesday: 7pm – 8pm (Bujinkan Fundamentals)
Thursday: 7pm – 8pm (Bujinkan Combat)

Kids’ Classes

Saturday: 10am – 11am

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