Teach martial arts

Whether you’re a teacher, club owner or anyone else who’d like help with setting up, running or promoting your own club, lessons, camps or teaching material, we can help.

The challenge

Running a martial arts club is a unique experience. It’s not like running a regular business because it’s more fun – more physically and spiritually fulfilling. But it’s rarely very profitable – often even a lossmaker – and you might be happy with that, because you’d probably be paying to join someone else’s club if you weren’t running your own. It’s a lifestyle business that’s much easier set up than turned into a full-time job, unless you’re exceptionally good at marketing or tremendously resourceful.

It’s a chance for you to spend more time doing what you love, and potentially earning pocket money in the process. It’s a good way to train the way you wish to train, to stay on top of your game, in case other clubs in your current location simply don’t do what you like to do, just the way you like it. Within your club, it’s your rules, so you get to train with keen disciples in the exact style that you love the most, doing all the exercises you like and none of what you don’t like. But it will take time to build your club, and to develop your students into experts who can train with you at the level you’d like to train at, to keep you improving rather than declining into a pit of bad habits which is often the case when you’re only ever training with beginners.

Student retention rates are rarely good either – people will come and go, come and go – only a very small percentage of beginners who come through your doors will go on to attain a high level within your school – this is due to the ever-rising fast pace of people’s lives these days, and the ever-weakening levels of discipline & perseverance in their character. They say it’s hard for a student to find a good teacher, but it’s even harder for a teacher to find a good student! Indeed there’s a lot of cowboy teachers out there – it seems like every teacher’s bluffing it to some extent – and students can often feel this; but even rarer than an honest teacher is a student being totally open-minded yet determined to commit to mastering a new discipline – seeing it through with a no-quit attitude in spite of any doubts or distractions. It’s extremely rare to find students who are ready & willing to absorb absolutely everything that the teacher can teach, and this is ultimately what most serious martial arts teachers are looking for.

How we can help


We’re offering you more time to focus on your students, by taking marketing concerns off your hands. We can help you promote your club – driving more enquiries to your inbox and more members to your doors. Specifically, we build websites, and we provide a range of complementary internet marketing services. Our websites are built with all aspects of marketing in mind, so they automatically draw in decent levels of traffic, and then they do a great job at converting that traffic into sales leads – sending you plenty of new enquiries from prospective new members very efficiently.


We can also help with venue sourcing, staff recruitment, etc.


Aside from marketing and logistical support, we can also help you take care of insurance, first aid, safeguarding, etc…

Training support

We can also help you, as a teacher, to develop your own skillset, get formally qualified through additional associations and governing bodies, and we can arrange for additional teachers to visit your classes by special arrangement to offer a more diverse learning experience to your members.