Learn martial arts

How would you like to train?

  • Join a Class for regular mainstream classes in a public, social group atmosphere.
  • Request Private Lessons for dedicated 1-to-1 tuition from an expert, in the privacy of your own home or at a gym near you.
  • Attend a Workshop, Seminar or Expo for a few hours of excitement, learning and inspiration; on a day-by-day basis for as many days as the event lasts.
  • Enrol on a Course for a structured journey through a single system or a combination of many.
  • Join a Training Camp or Retreat for the most immersive, holistic training experience that can accommodate you for many days, weeks, months or years.
  • Learn Online by simply reading and watching tutorials, or by sharing your training footage with expert coaches who can then offer feedback and bespoke training tips over the internet.

Which styles & approaches do you prefer?

  • High energy martial arts — eg Capoeira, TKD, JKD, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling
  • Slow paced martial arts — eg Tai Chi
  • Aggressive & Assertive martial arts — eg Krav Maga, JKD, MMA
  • Pacifist & Passive martial arts (soft styles) — eg Tai Chi, Aikido
  • Pure Tactical Assault (Military Combat)
  • Pure Self-Defence (Civil Combat)

Any cultural preferences?

  • Oriental
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Thai
    • Filipino
    • Other Oriental
  • Other
    • American
    • Brazilian
    • Russian
    • Israeli
    • French
    • Indian
    • Other

What are your main reasons for wanting to learn/practise martial arts?

  • Self-Defence / Combat Ability
  • Physical Exercise/Fitness and Awareness
    • Gentle exercise for disabilities (physiotherapy), elderly health and conditions like arthritis, blood pressure, fall prevention, etc
    • Substantial exercise for weight loss, stamina (aerobic ie breath, and anaerobic ie muscular), aesthetic muscle development/definition (bodybuilding)
  • Social activity / making friends
  • Intellectual stimulation
    • Pure science — eg: bodily mechanics
    • Social science (psychology & philosophy) — eg: value of spiritual development; liberty vs security; peacetime vs wartime tactics / appropriate levels of aggression; etc
  • Spiritual stimulation / holistic awareness / Meditation
  • Sense of achievement/success
  • Sense of goal/direction/purpose/identity
  • Social confidence — eg: for agoraphobia, autism and social anxiety
  • Touch / Physical contact confidence — eg: for victims of assault/trauma/abuse; and for agoraphobia, autism and social anxiety