Judo is a branch of Jujutsu – the Japanese art of grappling.

The original art of Judo

Judo was made from Jujutsu, by Kanō Jigorō, in an attempt to simplify the complex art of Jujutsu, by scrapping the inefficient techniques, in order to return to the principle that both Judo and Jujutsu were originally named after (Ju = softness).

Kano Jigoro - Lifting Throw

Kano Jigoro - Standing Control

Kano Jigoro – Standing Armlock

The modern sport of Judo

Today, most Judo schools are concerned with the Olympic sport of Judo – this has evolved to be quite different from traditional Judo due to the rules of the game but there is still a lot in common between these two types of Judo.

Putin does Judo

Competitive Judo is very hard on the fingers – most Olympic level competitors experience a constant flow of new finger injuries, and other joints occasionally get broken (broken joints never fully heal).