Ninjutsu – art of the Ninja

Ninjutsu is ideologically a peerless martial art – moves in this art are not designed for engaging in competitive combat, they are for ending a fight instantly. Also called Ninpo; Ninjutsu is the traditional Japanese martial art of stealthy movement and swift disablement or assassination of an enemy.

Masaaki Hatsumi – Ninjutsu Posture

For a ‘hard style’, Ninjutsu is about as technically sound as a martial art can get – the quality of course varies from teacher to teacher but the general standard is pretty good in what this art specialises in.


There’s a healthy mix of striking and grappling in Ninjutsu, and a healthy balance of targeting high and low targets while most martial arts – especially combat sports – go for the head a lot and neglect striking between the legs due to rules even though it’s an equally significant target in a real fight.

A unique aspect of Ninjutsu is reaching within the stance to the extreme forward and backward positions as standard practice. Another unique aspect of the art is how it includes plenty of rolls – not only forwards and backwards but also sideways over the shoulders and even diving over objects – there’s even flipping, backflipping, cartwheeling and butterfly kicking in Ninjutsu although they are less commonly practised than the rolls.