At Manchester Martial Arts Centre you’ll find regular free classes in various respectable styles of martial art; and you’re welcome – and actively encouraged – to ask your teachers any questions you have about what they’re doing. We feel this is critical in helping you and your classmates to understand the logic behind the art.

We’re especially well-equipped for classes in Tai Chi, Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do; we also have a place for Meditation; so whether Bruce Lee movies tickle your tastebuds or cause you to look away in search of a more mature-spirited, tranquil training environment – come train with us.

We’ve explored endless styles of martial art over the years and have found that each one suffers from widespread poor-quality teaching in the UK and throughout the world.

We put this down to two things in particular:

  • Business interests, whereby profit-hunting martial artists set up clubs before they’ve really mastered their art.
  • The tribal nature of standing by one’s flawed style or club – a case of patriotism come Stockholm syndrome.

It is for this reason that the coaches at Manchester Martial Arts Centre have devoted their time to making the Centre a┬áplace where anyone can come to practice top-quality martial arts within an open, nurturing environment – no matter what their style.