Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is practical, but often taught hotheadedly – ballsily and without attention to real, intricate yet practical detail.


At Manchester Martial Arts Centre we don’t claim to teach exactly like Bruce Lee did or would have, but we do share many of his techniques and thoughts. Although we hold some things more dear and some things less dear than he did, it’s all generally the same toolkit ideal for completing the skillset of the more grounded martial artist – make of it what you will.

“Take what is useful, disregard the rest.” – Famous saying by Bruce Lee, dismissed as disrespectful to authority by many a traditional martial artist, but in the very act of dismissing this concept, they’re disregarding what they choose to just as we are. Well, in fact, they’re not choosing much at all, they’re just following instructions by their instructor. We don’t have instructors at Manchester Martial Arts Centre, we only have coaches. With us, you are the executive of your own development.


Join a Club

If you can’t make it to our centre and are looking to join a Jeet Kune Do club in Manchester, check out: Manchester JKD Clubs & Classes.