Tai Chi Classes in Manchester

Liming Yue — Chen Style Tai Chi Centre (Chinatown)

Manchester Chen Style Tai Chi Centre Master Liming Yue (portrait) The Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester City Centre’s Chinatown is one of the UK’s leading Chen style Tai Chi schools, offering authentic tuition throughout a packed weekly schedule of classes that cater for beginners and advanced students, teaching different things in different classes so you can take your pick whether you would rather attend a class in the traditional Laojia form, more modern simplified forms, qigong, push hands, weapons, etc.

Liming Yue The different classes have different teachers who themselves have varied backgrounds – the head teacher is Liming Yue who teaches and co-teaches some of the week’s classes, and he himself was a direct student of Chén Zhèngléi, the current co-leader of Chen family tai chi worldwide according to traditional lineage (a role he shares with Chén Xiǎowàng and two others of the ‘four tigers’) – that’s not to say that other people aren’t better, but it does guarantee that a very high standard of classical knowledge has been acquired by Chen Zhenglei and his top representatives around the world including Liming Yue who is one of his top representatives in the UK.

Location: 46 George Street, Chinatown, Manchester, M1 4HF

Class Timetable: http://www.taichicentre.com/classes.php

Instructor Profile: http://www.taichicentre.com/masterliming.php

Chen Style Tai Chi Centre (qigong class)
Qigong class in progress at the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre – the room is sometimes a bit short of space but it’s a nice, friendly atmosphere in a convenient location!

Darryl Moy — student of Michael Tse; grandstudent of Chen Xiaowang (Chen style)

Darryl Moy Darryl Moy and his teacher Michael Tse are best known for their Wing Chun Kung Fu but they are also keen students of Chen style Tai Chi under Chen Xiaowang. Michael teaches in London and his student Darryl teaches in Manchester city centre where there are many options for learning classical Tai Chi or Wing Chun but Darryl is the only local teacher offering a well respected level of both. He also teaches Wild Goose Qigong and Northern Shaolin Chun Yuen Quan (in different classes).

Location: Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS

Class Timetable: http://www.darrylmoy.com/classes.html

Ian Murray and Janet Murray — Jian Taiji (Chen style)

Ian Murray, Wang Haijun and Janet Murray Ian and Janet Murray teach a full schedule of classes at various locations around the Greater Manchester area (see link below for details). They have been practising Chen style Tai Chi for many years, and for the past couple of decades have been principally training under Wang Haijun (one of Chen Zhenglei’s main disciples) during his residence in Manchester.

Class Timetable: https://www.jiantaiji.co.uk/classes/

Anne Crichton and Janice Green — Paul Lam’s (Sun style) Tai Chi for Health Institute

Janice Green and Anne Crichton (demo) Between the two of them, Anne Crichton and Janice Green run classes at 7 locations around the Greater Manchester area – namely Swinton, Worsley and Broughton (Anne), and Sale, Walkden, Atherton and Salford (Janice).

Anne Crichton and Janice Green (greeting) Anne and Janice teach Paul Lam’s system of Tai Chi for Health, which was originally an adaptation/extraction of classical Sun style Tai Chi aimed at people with Arthritis; then a combination of Sun and Yang moves were built into a program for people with Diabetes, and the organisation continued to expand from there.

Class details: http://www.taichiforhealthinmanchester.co.uk/tai-chi-classes/

Clive Nunnington — Lishi International — Lee style Tai Chi and Dao Yin Qigong

Clive Nunnington – Lishi Tai Chi Manchester Lishi literally means ‘Li family’ (Lee style Tai Chi / Kung Fu), and this particular organisation (Lishi International) looks like a modern commercial franchise with different teachers at various locations around the UK.

Lishi classes offer a mix of weird and wonderful bits of Tai Chi and related artforms like Dao Yin (Chinese Yoga – a precursor to Qigong). It’s a bit of a break from the more common styles of Tai Chi – a chance to try something a bit different that still generally blends in well with the principles of Tai Chi.

Clive Nunnington is the main teacher in Manchester – he has been teaching on behalf of Lishi International since the year 2000. See some links to Lishi and Clive’s social profiles below.


Lishi Tai Chi Manchester
Lishi Tai Chi in Manchester with Clive Nunnington – you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to participate in these beginners’ exercises!

Emiel Wortmann — Mei Quan Academy of Taiji — Beginners’ Yang 24-Step Tai Chi and Qigong (Stretford, South West Manchester)

Emiel Wortmann of Mei Quan Academy of Taiji Emiel Wortmann currently runs courses in Tai Chi & Qigong out of Stretford in South Manchester on behalf of the Mei Quan Academy of Taiji – a global organisation that runs tons of beginners’ courses around the world.

Emiel Wortmann’s classes in Stretford (South West Manchester) focus on the popular Yang style 24 step form. Due to its simplified, easygoing nature, this form is especially popular among older or less able-bodied people – as is Qigong!

Emiel has been working for the Mei Quan Academy teaching Tai Chi and Qigong since 2014.

Next course start date: 17th January 2019

Class Times: Thursdays 7pm – 8:15pm

Cost: £108 for the 12-week course

Location: Longford Park School, 74 Cromwell Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8QJ

Phone: 07909856490

Email: emiel@meiquan.co.uk

Links: Academy PageLinkedIn Profile