OLD – Coaches


At Manchester Martial Arts Centre, we don’t have Instructors. We have coaches, because we’re not here to boss you around, we’re just here to help.

Invariably described as masters and grandmasters within the wider martial arts community; when they’re at Manchester Martial Arts Centre, they’re simply your assistants.

We don’t have professors, because we don’t preach – our teachers only teach in a practical way. Our coaches are here to help you get whatever you want from martial arts while practising with others in a supportive community, not a dictatorship. Our coaches are committed to helping you practise efficient martial art according to your own beliefs and preferences. We don’t believe that army regimes are for local, leisurely clubs like ours. Our self-disciplined coaches are friendly and welcoming to all.

So, if you’d like to turn up and practise your martial art within a collaborative environment, with likeminded peers – a variety of beginners and experts all in the same boat – you’re more than welcome to, and in case you have any questions for our qualified coaches – approved to the club founder’s standards, we’re always around.

Our teachers have a wealth of rare experience and exceptional talent enabling them to coach you as far down the path of a martial artist as you’d like to go. Neither pushy nor fantasists, our teachers present a frank account of real martial art and are capable of coaching experts and beginners alike.

Our centre – what we teach

At Manchester Martial Arts Centre, you’ll have the opportunity to practise the style of your choice – each one contains unique or original technical quality. This could be anything from Western Boxing to Brazilian Capoeira. From Muay Thai (of Thailand) to Tai Chi (of China); from Taekwondo to Aikido to Jeet Kune Do – we have so much diversity to share.

In the worst case scenario, perhaps we can’t find a great local teacher in your preferred style of martial art to teach on our behalf. If this is the case, we’ll recommend some similar styles that we do teach; and if your style appears to be in-keeping with the vibe we work to nurture and you appear to be a proficient exponent of this style then and we may even invite you to become a teacher at our centre to ensure that your style is represented locally.

All our coaches have mastered the systems they teach and are usually familiar with other systems too. Our coaches really live and breathe the culture of where their style originates from – you can ask them anything about it. Every teacher at Manchester Martial Arts Centre is a true ambassador of his or her respective martial art.

The syllabus varies from class to class, as do the exercises; however, as our chief instructor oversees and influences all classes from all styles we teach, we are able to ensure that the quality of technique and service remains consistent throughout the centre.

Manchester Martial Arts Centre was designed as a modern temple for the practice of peace-seeking martial art. We share love, not war – we only master the art of war to keep it at bay.

If you want a first-class martial arts experience in Manchester, I wholeheartedly recommend you join the Manchester Martial Arts Centre.

Family-friendly martial arts

We don’t train with weapons – our centre is purely for the empty-handed practice of martial arts. We don’t encourage heated competition either – the practicality of what we teach is obvious to those who understand, and our coaches are totally committed to helping you understand the logic of the system you’re practising within a totally safe and family-friendly training environment at all times.

Beyond our centre, we’ll help you to train with the support of likeminded enthusiasts – including experts and beginners alike – within a range of safe & supportive training environments throughout Manchester.

Quality Guarantee

Best Quality At Manchester Martial Arts Centre we take your progress seriously. We’re committed to quality of tuition irrespective of the style being taught, and we make sure that every single class is loaded with plenty of great techniques and exercises. As part of our commitment to delivering top-quality martial arts classes in Manchester for everyone who attends, we invite all club members to regularly fill out our surveys and feedback forms online. Our forms only take a minute or two to complete, and help us maintain quality standards throughout the organisation while also helping us to continuously develop and improve the way we teach. We are thoroughly¬†committed to fulfilling our agreement to you – to provide excellent martial arts lessons like no other club in the city. We do everything a bit different here because our commitments are different, and as a result, your martial experience will be different too.


At Manchester Martial Arts Centre you’ll find regular free classes in various respectable styles of martial art; and you’re welcome – and actively encouraged – to ask your teachers any questions you have about what they’re doing. We feel this is critical in helping you and your classmates to understand the logic behind the art.

We’re especially well-equipped for classes in Tai Chi, Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do; we also have a place for Meditation; so whether Bruce Lee movies tickle your tastebuds or cause you to look away in search of a more mature-spirited, tranquil training environment – come train with us.

We’ve explored endless styles of martial art over the years and have found that each one suffers from widespread poor-quality teaching in the UK and throughout the world.

We put this down to two things in particular:

  • Business interests, whereby profit-hunting martial artists set up clubs before they’ve really mastered their art.
  • The tribal nature of standing by one’s flawed style or club – a case of patriotism come Stockholm syndrome.

It is for this reason that the coaches at Manchester Martial Arts Centre have devoted their time to making the Centre a place where anyone can come to practice top-quality martial arts within an open, nurturing environment Рno matter what their style.