Why is there so much nonsense in martial arts?

Well, it’s practically impossible to find a martial arts teacher free from b/s these days. This is logical, considering it’s said that the wisest of men rarely open their mouths to preach.

Still, there’s a couple of reasons why martial artists are especially weird. I put it down to these two things:

  • Following tradition – quite stubborn but almost a religious devotion to following in the footsteps of the teacher – kind of due to being lost – not being able to feel for oneself – quite senseless – synonymous with nonsense
  • Seeking profit – setting up a club to make money or reputation before having actually mastered what’s on the syllabus

Please don’t fall into these traps, as a student or teacher. Better focus on what you’re best at, rather than con or be conned with other stuff. There’s no shame in hyperspecialisation – it’s a good way to start out and a good way to flourish indefinitely.