Who Would Win: Modern UFC Champions or Bruce Lee?

There are a lot of UFC fans out there, who propose that modern UFC champions are miles above the level of Bruce Lee. They propose that Bruce Lee’s hand-to-hand combat ability is generally overhyped (which it may be) and that Bruce wouldn’t have stood a chance against any modern UFC champion.

Let’s look deeper into UFC – the main tournament of the global MMA community.

UFC standards are improving year on year. People are noticing less submissions, more KOs. Reason being: you can’t wrestle a good puncher – he won’t let you get close enough for long enough to get a clean grip. This is common knowledge in Kung Fu.

As a martial artist, not just a TV watcher, I can see the skill involved when I watch a fighter in action. And I propose that UFC has a long way to go before reaching Bruce Lee’s level. Plus, it will probably never get there, because the motive of a UFC fighter is inherently flawed. The most talented of men simply don’t want to beat people up. They don’t seek fame & glory through hurting people.

The best fighters are not people you know. At least, if you met them, you would not expect them to fight. Surprise is the best weapon.