SIA Licensing from a humble perspective

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Some people respect my advice with regards to residential security and offer me money in return for my advice to them.

But according to SIA Licensing, I can’t simply accept. That would make me a criminal. Yeah, that makes sense, doesn’t it?

I would be a criminal just like the hundred thousand British people who are currently locked away in prisons for not following HM Government’s dictatorial orders.

I would be a criminal to accept the offer before:

  • Studying the ideas of SIA-affiliated preachers and awaiting their certified endorsement of my ideas.
  • Filling out a load of paperwork and signing to agree to ambiguous stuff that can’t possibly be guaranteed.
  • Paying hundreds of pounds to the SIA and waiting for SIA approval.
  • Not to mention this nonsense.

These clauses create the offence of engaging in conduct for which a licence is required when not in possession of the appropriate licence.

And they wonder how a teenager in his bedroom can hack through maximum security computer systems. It’s because, when your mind isn’t stuffed with this kind of garbage, you can more easily think straight.

I wonder what the world would be like with people in charge other than shit-spinning control freaks.